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Have you ever thought about an affordable yet comfortable way to travel around Europe? Then FlixBus is your perfect travel partner. With routes connecting Amsterdam to numerous cities in Europe and within the Netherlands, FlixBus offers an attractive alternative to other forms of transport. In this guide, we dive into the world of FlixBus and give practical tips to make the most of your trip with them.

FlixBus is a famous long-distance bus company with an extensive network stretching across Europe. From London, there are connections to various destinations, including Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic. FlixBus also has an extensive domestic network within the Netherlands, connecting many Dutch cities.

Affordability of going to Amsterdam by bus

One of the most significant advantages of travelling with FlixBus is its affordability. FlixBus regularly offers very cheap tickets for different routes. Although bus ticket prices have increased slightly in recent years, they remain very competitive compared to other transport options such as trains.

  • Average duration FlixBus London Amsterdam: 10 hours and 40 minutes
  • Average price: £51.99
  • Cheapest price: £25,-

Comfort, health and safety on the bus from London to Amsterdam

FlixBus places great emphasis on passenger comfort and seating. The buses have comfortable seats, good Wi-Fi and ample legroom. They guarantee at least 78 centimetres of space between the seats, providing extra comfort during the bus journey. The bus route from London to Amsterdam covers 487 km. FlixBus can bring you from London to Amsterdam in 10 hours 40 minutes. The fastest bus on this connection has 4 stop(s).

Flexibility and travel environmentally-friendly

FlixBus also offers a high degree of flexibility. Reservations are always required, but you can rebook up to 15 minutes before departure. This allows travellers to adjust their travel plans if necessary and still want to travel at a different time.

Tips and frequently asked questions when travelling with FlixBus

Travelling on FlixBus can be an exciting and challenging experience, especially if you are taking an international trip for the first time. Here are 11 tips to ensure your journey with FlixBus is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

1. Get there early

It is advisable to book your FlixBus tickets early to take advantage of the lowest fares. Although FlixBus sometimes has last-minute deals, the cheapest fares are usually found with early bookings.

2. Take advantage of offers.

FlixBus regularly offers discount coupons or promotions. Check out the most recent FlixBus discount code. Also, watch their website and social media channels for current offers.

3. Download the Flixbus app and print your ticket in advance

To buy your FlixBus ticket online, go to the FlixBus website. After purchasing, download your ticket and have it ready for the bus driver to scan before boarding. Printing out your ticket is also a good idea, as technology can sometimes be unreliable.

4. Turn off roaming and mobile internet and enjoy free Wi-Fi on every bus

You get free Wi-Fi in the FlixBus with LTE speed.

5. Mind the 24-hour clock

Make sure you fully understand when your bus leaves. The departure time of your bus may be indicated in a 24-hour notation. Being at the stop at least 15 minutes before is a good idea.

6. You must get on and off at the stop indicated on your bus ticket

It is important to remember that FlixBus has strict rules about where you can get on and off. This will always be the exact location listed on your ticket.

7. Always take your passport with you

Make sure you have a valid passport or identity card with you. Even within the European Union, you may be asked to show your passport at customs, especially if travelling through Germany.

8. Provide tasty things to eat and drink

To satisfy hunger during long bus rides, bringing snacks and drinks is a good idea. Although the bus will stop at petrol stations and restaurants along the way, reaching the next stop can sometimes take a while.

9. Make sure you don’t get cold

The air conditioning on the bus can sometimes be rather cold. Make sure you always carry a jumper and trousers to keep yourself warm.

10. FlixBus stations may differ from the central bus station

Do not assume that the FlixBus always departs from the central bus station. Make sure you check the exact departure location.

11. Mind the time when you get a break

FlixBus is strict about leaving on time after each stop. Ensure you are always back on the bus on time after a stop. Otherwise, you risk being left behind.

12. Create a PayPal account

Your credit card may not be accepted when booking your ticket online. In that case, it is convenient to create a PayPal account so you can pay for your ticket quickly and securely.

13. Take into account possible delays

Although FlixBus strives for punctuality, there can always be unforeseen delays. So it’s a good idea to plan enough time for possible delays, especially if you need to catch a connecting train or flight.

Bus station and stops Flixbus London to Amsterdam

London Victoria Coach Station

164 Buckingham Palace Road\
SW1W9TP London\
United Kingdom

View this address on Google Maps

Flixbus to Amsterdam starts at London Victoria Coach Station and will take 4 stops to arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk bus station. You will pass the following stops during your route, Waypoint Antwerp Stadspark, Antwerp Rooseveltplaats, Rotterdam CS & finally you will arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Where does FlixBus Amsterdam depart from (departure locations)

Note: Your ticket contains the most up-to-date address details.

FlixBus Amsterdam Sloterdijk

1043 DW Amsterdam\

Open in Google Maps

Follow the “Piarcoplein” signs at the station to the north side of Sloterdijk station.

FlixBus Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Plaza — Bus lane C\
1118 AX Schiphol Airport\
The Netherlands

Open in Google Maps

FlixBus Schiphol departs from Platform C, in front of Schiphol Plaza. Please note that there are no FlixBus signs at the bus stop.

FlixBus Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena

1101 BA Amsterdam-Zuidoost\
The Netherlands

Open in Google Maps

The bus departs from the “Hondsrugweg” bus stop on Hoogoorddreef, the main road south of the bus station.

FlixBus Amsterdam Central

De Ruijterkade\
Bus station CS IJzijde (bus stop H)\
1012 AB Amsterdam

Open in Google Maps

FlixBus Amsterdam Centraal departs from platform H of the central bus station (CS IJzijde).

FlixBus Amsterdam Amstel

Julianaplein 6\
1097 DN Amsterdam\

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  • Berlin — Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam — Berlin
  • London — Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam — Antwerp
  • Dusseldorf — Amsterdam
  • Hamburg — Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam — Cologne
  • Amsterdam — Dusseldorf
  • Amsterdam — Hamburg
  • Cologne — Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt — Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam — Frankfurt
  • Rotterdam — Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam — London
  • Amsterdam — Rotterdam

What are you waiting for? Start your journey with FlixBus!

FlixBus offers an affordable and comfortable way to travel across the Netherlands and Europe. While there can be some challenges, such as possible delays, the affordability, comfort and flexibility of FlixBus offer an attractive alternative to other forms of transport. Book early, be prepared for possible delays, and take advantage of offers to maximise your FlixBus experience.

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