19X gift for dad: The best gifts ideas for dad on his birthday and Father’s Day 2023

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Looking for something nice for your dad? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we have collected 19 ideas for your dad. Whether for his birthday, Father's Day or any other occasion, we have come up with something for every occasion. In addition, we have tips for personalised gifts or something to give last minute, so you can always find something that suits your dad. With these tips, you will definitely find a good gift that will make your dad happy.

What is the best gift for dad who has everything?

Choosing the perfect gift for your father can sometimes be a difficult task, as it is not always easy to know what his personal preferences are. It can therefore help to look at his interests and hobbies so that you can take a good look at what suits him. Also remember to consider what occasion the gift is for and whether your father is more practical or creative. With these factors in mind, you can end up finding the perfect gift that your father will surely appreciate.

What do you give your dad on his birthday?

Giving your dad something on his birthday is a great way to show him how much you care. But how do you find the perfect match? It is important to think about what your dad likes to do in his spare time and what his interests are. Based on that, you can choose something that suits him. For example, consider a book by his favourite author, a gadget for his hobby or something personal with a nice memory. Most importantly, it shows that your dad is special to you and that you are thinking about him.

Personalised gift for dad (father's day gift idea)

A personalised gift is a great way to show your dad how much he means to you. After all, a personalised gift shows that you have really thought about what he would like and what suits him. There are various ways to personalise a gift, for example by having a name or photo printed on it. Think for example of a personalised phone case, a mug with a personal message or an engraved piece of jewellery. The fact that it is personalised not only makes it unique but also extra special.

Another advantage of giving a personalised gift is that it can be a lasting memory for your father. Every time he sees or uses the gift, he will think back to the special occasion for which he received the gift and to the person who gave it to him. It can be a great way to show your appreciation and love for your father, and it can also be a great way to strengthen your bond. Besides, it's nice to know that your dad has something made especially for him that no one else has.

Great gift for any occasion (Father's Day, last minute, package, personalised, Christmas gift)

Finding a nice good gift for your dad does not have to be difficult. After all, there are plenty suitable for every occasion. Think about a nice fragrance, a nice wallet or a handy gadget. If you are looking for something to give for Father's Day, you could also think of an experience, such as a day out or a workshop. And if you are still looking last minute, you can always go for a gift voucher or a nice bunch of flowers. With the tips below, you will always find something nice for your dad!

19x gift father and birthday gift ideas 2023

  1. A personalised key ring with his name engraved on it: A simple but practical one that can be used daily.
  2. A luxury shaving set with shaving brush and razor: For the dads who love a classic shave with high-quality materials.
  3. A subscription to his favourite magazine or newspaper: A Father's Day gift that gives pleasure all year round.
  4. A Bluetooth speaker for travelling or holidays: For the music lovers who want to enjoy their favourite tunes anytime, anywhere.
  5. A personalised bottle opener: A special gift that also looks stylish.
  6. A book by his favourite author: For the dads who like to read and delve into a subject.
  7. A beautiful leather wallet: A small gift for a father that can be used daily and is also a stylish accessory.
  8. A whisky tasting or beer tasting as a gift certificate: For the dads who love a good drink and want to learn more about different types.
  9. A handmade wooden cutting board: A beautiful gift that can be used in the kitchen every day.
  10. A luxury watch: A stylish and practical accessory that will last a lifetime.
  11. A beautiful set of wine glasses: For the dads who love a good glass of wine and want to drink it from a beautiful glass.
  12. A personalised photo on canvas: A personalised gift with a memory that dads can always carry with them. For offers and discount codes, check out My Picture or Colorland's shopping page.
  13. A new laptop or work bag: A practical surprise that can be used daily and is also stylish.
  14. A BBQ accessory set: For the dads who love grilling and preparing delicious food on the barbecue.
  15. A weekend trip to his favourite city: A cool gift that dads can enjoy with the family or partner.
  16. A retro record player: For the dads who love vinyl and nostalgic music.
  17. A nice pair of shoes: A stylish gift that can be used daily and is also comfortable.
  18. A drone for taking great photos and videos: For the dads who love photography and capturing beautiful images.
  19. A personalised bottle of whisky with his name and a personal message on it: A personal gift made extra special by the personal message.

For Father's Day specifically, here are some more ideas (from gift pack to whisky or rum)

  1. Breakfast in bed: A wonderfully relaxing way to start Father's Day and let him know how much you love him. You can personalise the breakfast by including his favourite foods and drinks.
  2. A day of golf: great for golf-loving dads. A day of golf can be both relaxing and competitive and a great way to spend quality time together.
  3. A homemade photo book with beautiful memories. Personal and heartwarming. Select photos of your best moments together and turn them into a beautiful photo book.
  4. A personalised mug with a nice text: You can personalise the mug with his name, initials or a nice text that reminds him of you.
  5. Take a cooking workshop together with him: A fun way to learn something new and spend quality time together. Choose a workshop that suits his tastes and interests and make it a fun day.
  6. A day out on a boat: relaxing and adventurous, something he won't soon forget. Rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and each other's company together.
  7. Do a sporting activity together, such as a game of tennis or football: Active and fun too. Choose a sport you both like and make it a competitive day.
  8. A nice gift basket with his favourite treats: Tasty, personal and perfect for dads who love good food. Fill the basket with his favourite snacks, drinks and sweets.
  9. A high tea at a fancy restaurant: perfect for the dads who love tea and treats. Choose a fancy restaurant and enjoy a delicious high tea together.
  10. A nice bottle of wine to enjoy together: Choose a bottle of wine that suits his taste and enjoy a relaxing evening together.

Conclusion: original gifts and personalised presents are perfect for Father's Day and birthdays

There are many different gift ideas to suit your father's interests and personality. The most important thing is to give something that is personal and shows how much you love him. Whether it's a practical gift, an activity to do together or a culinary adventure, the important thing is that you spend time and attention on him. It doesn't matter if this is for Father's Day, for his birthday or just because you love him.

Good luck choosing!


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