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Utilize Residential Proxies

With Smartproxy’s residential proxies, customers can enjoy access to over 55 million real IPs in 195+ locations worldwide, including 50 US states. These proxies offer high-speed and stability, making them perfect for bypassing geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP bans.

Try Mobile Proxies

Smartproxy’s mobile proxies come from mobile devices connected to mobile carriers, offering a high success rate, advanced targeting options, and increased security. Customers can choose between iOS and Android operating systems and select the plan that best fits their needs.

Harness the Power of Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy’s datacenter proxies provide stability, scalability, and unmatched speed. With over 500,000 shared and dedicated datacenter IPs worldwide, customers can customize their deal by choosing the number of IPs, locations, and traffic they require.

Unblock Challenging Websites with Site Unblocker

Smartproxy’s Site Unblocker is a powerful scraping solution that bypasses even the most sophisticated anti-bot systems, CAPTCHAs, geo-blocking, IP blocking, and other challenges to fetch raw HTML with JavaScript data. It ensures a 100% success rate and allows customers to access real-time data from the most difficult websites.

Simplify Web Scraping with Scraping APIs

Smartproxy’s scraping APIs provide ready-to-use solutions for public data collection. With synchronous, asynchronous, and batch requests, customers can enjoy a 100% success rate, stable parsing, headers and cookies support, and handling of CAPTCHAs and JavaScript-heavy websites. These APIs are available for various purposes, including social media scraping, SERP scraping, eCommerce scraping, and general web scraping.

Enhance Proxies with Proxy Tools

Smartproxy offers a range of proxy tools to enhance the proxy experience. Customers can use the X Browser to juggle multiple accounts risk-free, the Chrome Proxy Extension to bring essential proxy features to their browser, the Firefox Add-on to add proxies to their favorite browser, the Proxy Checker to test and verify proxies, and the Address Generator to generate proxy lists in bulk, hassle-free. By following these tips, customers can save money when shopping at Smartproxy and take advantage of the best value proxies and data collection solutions available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of proxies does Smartproxy offer?

Smartproxy offers a range of proxy options including SOCKS5, rotating, static, shared, backconnect, anonymous, HTTP, and IPv4 proxies.

Can I target specific websites for scraping with Smartproxy?

Absolutely! Smartproxy supports scraping targets such as Google, TikTok, Amazon, Bing, Reddit, Google Shopping, Google Image, and Google Autocomplete.

Are there any special tools or features provided by Smartproxy?

Yes, Smartproxy offers a variety of proxy tools including X Browser, Chrome Proxy Extension, Firefox Add-on, Proxy Checker, and Address Generator. These tools can greatly enhance your browsing and proxy usage experience.

What are the different types of proxies that Smartproxy offers?

Smartproxy offers premium residential proxies that provide real desktop devices with specific physical locations. These proxies are fast, reliable, and versatile for any use case.

What services does Smartproxy offer?

Smartproxy offers a range of services to meet your web scraping needs. They provide proxies for social media platforms, search engine scraping, eCommerce scraping, and even a Web Scraping API that allows you to collect data from various websites.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About Smartproxy

Smartproxy is the top proxy service for web scraping, providing access to over 65 million high-quality IPs. It offers a range of proxy features, including SOCKS5, rotating, static, shared, backconnect, anonymous, HTTP, and IPv4 proxies. With Smartproxy, you can enjoy location targeting and easy data extraction. It caters to various proxy targets such as Craigslist, YouTube, Bing, Shopify, Yahoo, and Pinterest, as well as scraping targets like Google, TikTok, Amazon, Bing, Reddit, Google Shopping, Google Image, and Google Autocomplete.

Smartproxy offers a range of proxies to meet different needs. With residential proxies, you can enjoy 55 million real IPs in over 195 locations worldwide, including 50 US states. The ISP proxies provide unbeatable speed and stability, while the mobile proxies offer a large, ethically sourced mobile IP pool with various locations and ASNs. For stable and fast shared IPs, the datacenter proxies are ideal. Smartproxy also offers a site unblocker feature, allowing you to access real-time data from challenging websites.

Besides proxies, Smartproxy provides a selection of scraping tools. The social media scraping API allows you to extract structured real-time data from various social media platforms. With the SERP scraping API, you can enjoy a full-stack solution for Google and more. The eCommerce scraping API enables you to gather neatly structured eCommerce data with just one API request. Smartproxy also offers a no-code scraper for web data scraping without coding. The proxy tools include X Browser for managing multiple accounts, a Chrome proxy extension, a Firefox add-on, a proxy checker to test lists of proxies, and an address generator for generating proxy lists in bulk.

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