Best Free Workout Apps in 2024

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Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Every bit of information about us and the world around us is found in these devices. But did you also know that there is a huge range of applications that can help you train and eat healthier? 

These free fitness apps offer training schedules, home workouts, and fun recipes for cheap and healthy meals. To learn more about the best workout apps of 2024, check out our article below and kick off your fitness journey!

Free Workout Apps Without a Subscription

Sworkit: Workout & Plans

Sworkit is the perfect fitness app for doing on-the-go or home workouts. It offers a variety of workout routines, from yoga to full-body exercises. You can also access some of the best workout routines for those taking physical therapy. What’s even better with this app is that you can create your own personal training schedule that will guide you in achieving your goals. If you want to level up your home workouts, consider buying durable, heavy-duty fitness equipment from Hammer Sport

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

7 Minute Workout

Getting healthy and working out daily can take up less of your time. Luckily, the 7-Minute Workout app specializes in quick yet intense exercises to get your heart rate going. The app is based on the concept of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and contains a series of 12 exercises that last 30 seconds each, with short 10-second breaks between each set. Daily usage of the app can improve users’ fitness levels, build muscle strength, and burn fat, all in just 7 minutes!

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store


Workout anytime and anywhere completely free with Freeletics, a leading fitness app that offers personalized training schedules to achieve your goals. Its free version features 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts, 25 exercises, 20 audio sessions, and an online community of fellow fitness enthusiasts. In addition, Freeletics is especially efficient for newbie athletes since it offers in-depth exercise explanation workout video tutorials.

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

Fitness buddy

If you’re looking for a more in-depth fitness app for experienced athletes, try Fitness Buddy. This app offers intense workout routines, personalized workout guides, and delicious healthy recipes for various diets, including keto, paleo, and more. Fitness Buddy also has a feature where you can see which muscles are trained with each exercise, giving users a more personalized approach to home fitness. Tousains offers a range of health and fitness smartwatches to better track your progress. Enjoy discounts on your next smartwatch purchase with exclusive Tousains discount codes

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

Free Yoga App

Down Dog

Down Dog is a popular yoga app that helps users practice yoga at any level, wherever and whenever they want. It features different types of yoga, soothing music, and insightful instructors, and each session is randomly generated for variety. The app guides users through the exercises step-by-step, offering customization options based on individual needs and providing a relaxing and flexible yoga experience for beginners and experienced yogis alike!

Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

Strength Training and Home Gym Workout Plan

Six Pack in 30 Days

Six Pack in 30 Days offers training programs focused on building muscles and toning abs in just 30 days or one month. The app and its training programs aim to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and the training intensity increases over the days. In addition to its easy-to-use design, the app makes it easier for users to track their progress and activities with its daily reminder feature and handy calendar.

Available for free on Google Play or App Store

30 Day — Ab Challenge

The 30-Day Ab Challenge is another app focusing on building and toning the abs within 30 days. However, the focus points of this app are leaning more toward women at home who want to have a quick workout and feel good about themselves. Its key exercises include the following: 


      • 30 Day Cardio Challenge

      • 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge

      • 30 Day Plank Challenge

      • 30 Day Push Up Challenge

      • 30 Day Squat Challenge

      • 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

      • 30 Day Toned Arms Challenge 

    Available for free in the App Store

    Halytus App

    Halytus is on a mission to make fitness accessible and affordable to everyone, wherever they are in the world. A small group of fitness enthusiasts started the company in the hopes that it would help change its users’ lifestyles and healthy habits using innovative technology. The Halytus app is free and equipped with mixed training, real-time feedback, and easy-to-follow workouts powered by their fitness gear. When you sign up today, get exclusive vouchers for the Halytus app and its fitness gear.

    Available on Google Play and the App Store

    Running with Nike Training Club, ASICS, and Strava

    Nike+ Run Club

    The Nike + Run Club is a free app that helps you achieve your running goals through many training plans. It features training and guided plans for beginners, marathon runners, triathletes, and more. The app has challenges and badge rewards for those wanting fun while achieving their fitness goals. You can also see your friends’ progress on the app and send each other motivational messages while they’re running.

    Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

    ASICS Runkeeper

    ASICS Runkeeper is a popular fitness app for runners and athletes. It acts as a personal fitness tracker and trainer that allows users to track their running and training activities, measure distance, record speed and pace, and chart their progress. It also features in-app challenges that will help and motivate you to outdo yourself and others. 

    Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

    Strava: Run, Bike, Hike

    Strava is a social fitness tracker that lets you track and share your progress with friends. The app has many exciting features, including data recording, an online community of runners, real-time location-sharing options, various challenges to boost your progress, and a Strava feed that will show you the different experiences of runners around you!

    Available on Google Play and the App Store

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    Best Free Weight Loss App


    Lifesum is an app dedicated to helping users create an expert diet plan and offers helpful nutritional tips. The app keeps track of exactly how many calories you have eaten, how much exercise you have done and how much water you have drunk in a day. You can also scan the barcode of products you’d like to consume to see and record the calories you have consumed for the day. Lifesum also offers many healthy and delicious recipes to keep your diet clean. 

    Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

    To track your fitness progress accurately, consider checking out FitTrack, a fitness scale backed by science and technology that helps people better understand their health. Enjoy discounts when you buy using available FitTrack deals.

    Healthy Food Apps

    FoodPrint™ – Nutrition Tracker

    FoodPrint™ offers a large number of recipes that are adapted to your personal preferences. If you’re looking for a low-calorie diet and have allergies to consider, you can customize recipes and look for ones that cater to your needs and wants in your diet. In addition to its yummy recipes, the app has excellent recommendations for restaurants serving healthy dishes, so you don’t have to ruin your diet when going out. Shop healthy after-workout snacks online; check out Revive Superfoods for chef-crafter smoothies, oats, and meals.

    Bonus tip: to save on healthy meal planning, check out this article on how to save money on groceries in Canada!

    Available for free on Google Play and the App Store

    And that’s a wrap! With your smartphones and a motivation to get fit, you’re all set to conquer those fitness goals. Remember, these apps aren’t just for tracking reps and sets–they’re your virtual cheerleaders, motivating you to push harder, go further, and unlock your inner fitness enthusiast. For more deals on fitness equipment, gadgets, and sportswear, check out our Sports and Fitness Deals page. Here’s to a healthier and happier you; keep crushing it!

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