Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day with heartwarming deals and surprise your mum on her special day.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Deals and Discount Codes 2024

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is often celebrated with acts of gratitude, such as sending cards, flowers, gifts, or creating special meals. Families can also spend quality time together, reflecting on fond memories and expressing gratitude for the love and support that mums give. Here are some Mother's Day present ideas:

  1. Flowers: Flowers are a special icon for Mother's Day. It is one way of expressing gratitude and feelings of love and admiration to them. Mums are often given flowers such as lilies, tulips, carnations, daisies, and roses. Each of these flowers has a different meaning yet is unique all the same. Find the ideal flower bouquet for Mum and take advantage of Mother's Day promotions and coupons online.

  2. Personalised Gifts: With personalised Mother's Day gifts, you can express your sentiments and thoughts in words, as well as cute cards. Numerous internet stores offer personalised gifts for any occasion. You can personalise mugs and cards with your own ideas or choose from pre-made Mother's Day themes, and pair them with flowers, chocolates, and even special gifts.

  3. Jewellery: Jewellery is a timeless and elegant present for Mother's Day. Make this Mother's Day special by giving them a necklace, earrings, or rings made from precious metals and stones. C.W. Sellors has a 20% off deal on a wide range of fine jewellery perfect for Mother's Day from diamonds to gemstones.

  4. Health, Beauty, and Fragrance: Mums should always feel confident and at their best, and what better way to empower our mothers than to look after their physical and mental health? One way to surprise Mum is to create a customised package with all the best health and beauty supplements, as well as her favourite scents. She will undoubtedly appreciate the gesture and love these presents, which will make her feel refreshed and young every day.

Pamper and Treat Your Mum to Flowers and Afternoon Tea

Although material items are nice, receiving an experiential gift is something mothers deserve and will treasure. Experience gifts not only provide them with new things to discover, but they also allow them to spend quality time with you and your family. There are numerous alternatives for experiential presents, ranging from Mystery Box surprises to tickets to her favourite musician or a special afternoon tea. Choose from reputable online sites to guarantee a secure and hassle-free transaction. Make Mum proud by shopping wisely and using Gift Experience voucher codes to save money on premium experiences.

When is Mother's Day celebrated in 2024?

Mother's Day is celebrated on different days around the world, but in most countries, it falls on the second Sunday in May. In the UK, Mother's Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which falls on March 10, 2024.

History of Mothering Sunday and Mother's Day

While Mother's Day is celebrated around the world, it differs between the UK and the US. Mother's Day in the United Kingdom is based on the 16th-century tradition of Mothering Sunday, which occurred on the fourth Sunday of Lent. That's three Sundays until Easter. While in the United States, it was originally observed in 1908 by a woman named Anna Jarvis, whose mother, Ann, nursed American Civil War veterans and organised Mother's Day Work Clubs to address public health. It became a national holiday in 1914 and is commemorated on the second Sunday in May.

Why do We Celebrate Mother's Day?

Think of Mother's Day as a massive "Thank You" card to all the wonderful mothers out there. It's one of 365 days when we may lavish them with love, hugs, and unique presents, because, let's be honest, mothers deserve it! It allows people to express gratitude to their birth, adoptive, stepmothers, foster mothers, or any other maternal figure who has played an important part in their lives. While the dates and customs may change, the heart of the celebration remains the same: to thank and celebrate mothers for their love, guidance, and caring presence.

Mother's Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it's an emotional tribute to the extraordinary women who have fostered and influenced us. So, on this special day, let us take time to thank our mums and shower them with love and affection, as they truly deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day!

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