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Frequently Asked Questions

What solutions does Arkuda Digital offer?

Arkuda Digital offers a range of solutions to enhance your media experience. They provide a media network solution, car streaming solution, STB solution, mobile turn-key solution, and a video solution. Whether you want to stream movies, access your media from various devices, or create a smart home, Arkuda Digital has got you covered.

How can ArkMC benefit me?

ArkMC, one of Arkuda Digital’s products, is a media streaming server and video player that allows you to easily access, stream, share, and enjoy movies throughout your home Wi-Fi network. With ArkMC, you can organize your home media to suit yourself and create a personalized entertainment experience.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About Arkuda Digital

Arkuda Digital is a global provider of UPnP embedded technology. They offer a cross-platform, extendable, plug-in-enabled, C/C++-based library for media network solutions. This library allows for easy access, playback, sharing, and control of multimedia content on digital devices. Whether you are in the hospitality, automotive, telecom, or consumer electronics industry, Arkuda Digital’s solutions can help harmonize media connectivity between devices and enhance the overall user experience.

One of the main solutions Arkuda Digital offers is their car streaming solution, which enables the streaming and playing of media from car infotainment systems, passenger devices, and internet services. They also provide a set-top box (STB) solution for sharing media in a home environment and controlling interactive devices. Additionally, they offer a mobile turn-key solution, including innovative integrations into new platforms and redesigning complete new solutions.

Arkuda Digital’s product lineup includes ArkMC, a media streaming server and video player for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. They also offer MyAudioStream, a music streaming platform and audio player for iOS and Android, and MCPlayer, a streaming application video player for iPad and iPhone. With their standardized software and expertise in UPnP technology, Arkuda Digital aims to make the sharing and enjoyment of multimedia content easier and more connected.