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Create an Account and Get Rewards

By creating an account on Nexo, customers can unlock various rewards and benefits. These rewards may include earning higher interest rates on their crypto holdings, access to exclusive promotions, and lower borrowing rates. Signing up is quick and easy, and customers can start enjoying these rewards immediately.

Take Advantage of Crypto Cashback

Nexo offers a crypto cashback program that allows customers to earn up to 6% cashback in cryptocurrency on their purchases. This means that each time a customer uses their Nexo Card to make a purchase, they can earn a percentage of that purchase back in crypto. It’s a great way to save money while continuing to grow your crypto wealth.

Refer Friends and Earn Bitcoin

Customers can refer their friends to Nexo and earn $25 in Bitcoin for each successful referral. Not only will customers be helping their friends discover the benefits of Nexo, but they will also be rewarded for their efforts. It’s a win-win situation and a great way to save money on your own crypto investments.

Join the Loyalty Program

Nexo offers a loyalty program for customers who hold NEXO Tokens. By holding these tokens, customers can enjoy higher interest rates on their crypto, lower borrowing rates, and other exclusive benefits. The loyalty program is designed to reward customers for their continued support and loyalty to Nexo.

Keep an Eye on Limited Offers

Nexo occasionally offers limited-time promotions and special offers that can help customers save money on their crypto investments. These offers may include discounted borrowing rates, higher interest rates, or exclusive access to new features. Customers should keep an eye on Nexo’s website and social media channels to stay informed about these limited offers and take advantage of the savings.

Utilize the Nexo Card

The Nexo Card allows customers to spend their crypto assets directly, offering convenience and flexibility. By using the Nexo Card for everyday purchases, customers can not only enjoy the benefits of crypto cashback but also avoid the hassle of converting their crypto to traditional currency. It’s a cost-effective way to make transactions while saving money on conversion fees.

Explore Dual Investment

Nexo’s dual investment feature allows customers to simultaneously earn interest and availability on their crypto assets. By utilizing this feature, customers can maximize their earnings and save money by avoiding the need to choose between earning interest or having immediate access to their funds. It’s a convenient and efficient way to grow your crypto wealth.

Stay Informed about New Features

Nexo is constantly introducing new features and products to enhance their customers’ experience. By staying informed about these updates, customers can take advantage of new opportunities to save money. Whether it’s a new investment option with higher interest rates or a promotional offer, being aware of the latest features can help customers make the most of their crypto investments.

Follow Nexo on Social Media

Nexo regularly shares updates, news, and special promotions on their social media channels. By following Nexo on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, customers can stay up-to-date with the latest developments and potentially find exclusive discounts and savings. It’s an easy way to stay connected and never miss out on money-saving opportunities.

Take advantage of automated interest earnings

Nexo offers automated interest earnings on supported cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC, and BTC. By setting up recurring deposits or choosing the Earn option on these assets, customers can effortlessly grow their wealth without the need for constant monitoring. This feature ensures that customers can make the most of their crypto investments while saving time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy on Nexo?

On Nexo, you can buy over 60 digital assets using your credit or debit card. Whether you’re looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies, Nexo has got you covered.

Can I earn interest on my crypto holdings?

Absolutely! With Nexo, you can earn daily compounding interest on your crypto assets. Simply store your cryptocurrencies in your Nexo wallet and watch your holdings grow over time.

Are there any perks for holding NEXO Tokens?

Yes! By holding NEXO Tokens, you can enjoy higher earn rates, lower borrow rates, and other special privileges. It’s a great way to maximize your benefits on the Nexo platform.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About Nexo

Nexo is an all-in-one crypto platform that allows you to buy, exchange, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With over 500+ pairs available, you can easily manage your crypto assets in a single wallet. Whether you want to borrow funds, earn interest, or exchange crypto, Nexo covers you. Get started today and experience the convenience and security of the Nexo platform.

Buy, exchange, and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Nexo. With a wide range of digital assets, you can easily diversify your portfolio and exploit market opportunities. Plus, with the ability to earn interest on your crypto holdings and borrow funds at competitive rates, Nexo offers a comprehensive solution for all your crypto needs.

Experience the power of Nexo, the all-in-one crypto platform that simplifies how you interact with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re a new investor looking to buy your first bitcoin or a seasoned trader looking to exchange and store your crypto assets, Nexo provides a user-friendly and secure solution. Start using Nexo today and take control of your crypto journey.