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Choose the Essential Plan for Cost-Effective Hosting

The Essential Plan is a great option for those looking to host a single website and email at an affordable price. For just $2.95 per month, you’ll get 10 GB SSD storage, optimized hosting for WordPress websites, and access to popular web apps. With free migration included, you can easily transfer your website and emails to our platform without any downtime or interruptions. Plus, with our reliable customer service available 24/7, you’ll always have support when you need it.

Opt for the Standard Plan to Host Multiple Websites

If you have multiple websites and need room to grow, the Standard Plan is the perfect choice. For $4.95 per month, you’ll get 20 GB SSD storage, hosting for up to 3 websites, and all the features of the Essential Plan. Our platform is optimized for WordPress websites and supports all major web apps, making it easy to manage your online presence. With free migration and 24/7 customer service, you can confidently scale your websites without any hassle.

Upgrade to the Advanced Plan for Scalability

The Advanced Plan is ideal for those who require extensive web and email operations. For $9.95 per month, you’ll get 40 GB SSD storage, hosting for up to 5 websites, and all the features of the Standard Plan. With unlimited professional email addresses, free migration, and 24/7 customer service, you can manage your online presence with ease. Our cloud hosting platform is optimized for performance and security, ensuring your websites run smoothly and are protected from hacks and malicious attacks.

Go for the Ultimate Plan for Maximum Performance

For those who need the highest level of performance and storage, the Ultimate Plan is the best choice. For $14.95 per month, you’ll get 100 GB SSD storage, hosting for up to 10 websites, and all the features of the Advanced Plan. With our next-generation cloud hosting platform, your websites will load up to 47% faster, improving your SEO and visitor experience. Plus, with our reliable and secure infrastructure, you can trust that your data is always safe. And with free migration and 24/7 customer service, you’ll have all the support you need.

Take Advantage of the Free Migration Service

Skystra offers a free migration service, allowing you to move your website and email to our platform without any hassle. Our team of experts will handle the entire migration process, ensuring a smooth transition with no downtime or interruptions. Whether you’re migrating from another hosting provider or switching from a different plan within Skystra, we’ve got you covered. Simply contact our customer service team, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Enjoy a Free Standard SSL Certificate

With Skystra, you’ll receive a free Standard SSL certificate with all our hosting plans. This means your website will be secure and protected with HTTPS encryption, gaining trust from your visitors and improving your SEO. Whether you’re running an e-commerce site or a personal blog, having an SSL certificate is essential to ensure the safety of your data. With Skystra, you don’t have to worry about additional costs or complex setups – it’s all included for free.

Take Advantage of 24/7 Customer Service

At Skystra, we pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or resolve any issues you may have. Whether you need assistance with website migration, setting up professional email addresses, or managing your hosting account, our team is here to help. With prompt answers, helpful advice, and access to industry experts, you can trust that you’ll receive the support you need to succeed online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Skystra’s cloud hosting platform?

Skystra’s cloud hosting platform offers high-performance solid state drive storage, optimized for hosting WordPress websites. It also supports all major web applications, such as Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, OpenCart, and XenForo. Additionally, it includes a free Standard SSL certificate, unlimited professional email addresses with your own custom domain, and free migration with no downtime or interruptions. You can also rely on their 24/7 customer service for any assistance you may need.

Why should I choose Skystra for my website hosting?

Skystra is a popular choice among entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creatives due to its high-performance cloud hosting platform. By moving your online presence to Skystra, you can enjoy improved speed, reliability, and amazing customer service. With their optimized platform and next-generation storage drives, your website will benefit from faster loading times and improved page speed scores. Skystra also offers a 7-day free trial and free migration of your websites and emails to their platform.

How much does Skystra’s hosting plan cost?

Skystra offers a range of hosting plans to suit different needs. The Essentials plan, which is great for hosting a single website and email, is priced at $2.95 per month. This plan includes 10 GB of SSD storage, optimized WordPress hosting, support for modern web apps, a free Standard SSL certificate, unlimited professional email addresses, free migration with no downtime, and 24/7 customer service.

What features does Skystra offer for their cloud hosting platform?

Skystra offers integration with leading CDN providers, a Web Application Firewall for protection against hacks and attacks, automated software updates with Mod Security, a 1-click app installer for popular web applications, managed WordPress features, email management tools, FTP accounts, and a DNS zone editor.

Can I host multiple websites and emails with Skystra’s hosting plan?

Yes, with Skystra’s hosting plan, you can host up to 3 websites and have unlimited professional email addresses. The plan also includes 20 GB of SSD storage for high performance and free Standard SSL certificates for your websites.

What are the main features of Skystra’s hosting platform?

Skystra’s cloud hosting platform offers a range of powerful features to enhance your online presence. It includes optimized PHP and MySQL application support, solid state storage for high-performance, integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, and a web application firewall to protect your website from hackers and malicious attacks.

Can I easily manage my website with Skystra’s hosting plan?

Absolutely! Skystra provides a user-friendly management system that makes it simple to handle your website. With their 1-Click App Installer, you can effortlessly install popular web applications like Drupal, Joomla, and PrestaShop. They offer managed WordPress features, including staging, testing, security, and performance tools. Additionally, you’ll have access to email management with custom domain addresses, autoresponders, spam filtering, and a user-friendly webmail platform.

Is there a hosting plan suitable for multiple websites and emails?

Yes, Skystra has got you covered if you need to manage multiple websites and emails. Their Advanced plan, priced at just $9.95 per month, allows you to host up to 5 websites and provides a generous 40 GB of solid state storage. It is the perfect choice for those who want to scale their online presence without breaking the bank.

How does Skystra ensure high performance for websites hosted on their platform?

Skystra understands the importance of fast-loading websites for both SEO and user experience. That’s why their platform is designed to deliver high performance. With low latency connections and optimized page speed scores, your website will have improved SEO rankings and provide visitors with a seamless browsing experience. Skystra’s platform is constantly monitored, maintained, and updated to ensure that your website pages load quickly and efficiently.

How reliable is Skystra’s cloud hosting platform?

Skystra prioritizes the reliability of your website, knowing that downtime can result in lost conversions, sales, and SEO. They are dedicated to keeping your website online and running smoothly. With their robust infrastructure and proactive monitoring, Skystra ensures that your website experiences minimal or no downtime. You can have peace of mind knowing that your online presence is in safe hands with Skystra.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About Skystra

Skystra is a web hosting shop that offers high-performance cloud hosting services. Moving your online presence to their platform allows you to enjoy improved speed, reliability, and excellent customer service. They provide a 7-day free trial and free migration of your websites and emails. With Skystra, you can benefit from faster page speed scores and quicker loading times, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creatives.

At Skystra, you can host your WordPress website or install and access popular modern web apps on their reliable cloud platform. They offer different hosting plans to suit your needs, including the Essentials plan, which is great for hosting a single website and email. This plan includes features such as 10 GB SSD storage, WordPress optimisation, modern web app support, free Standard SSL certificate, unlimited professional email addresses, and 24/7 customer service.

With Skystra’s cloud hosting platform, you can expect high performance and reliability for your online presence. They are optimised for all PHP and MySQL applications and utilise solid-state storage drives for faster performance. Skystra also integrates with leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers for improved content delivery. Their security features include a Web Application Firewall and automated software updates to protect your website from hacks and malware attacks. Additionally, they offer management tools such as a 1-Click App Installer and managed WordPress features.

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