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Do you plan a date soon but can’t decide what to do yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Look at our carefully curated list of the top 100 fun date ideas you can do on your next date. There is an activity for everyone on this list, from cheap date ideas to first date ideas, and even romantic date ideas! 

Cheap Outdoor Date Ideas

1. Wake up early to witness the sunrise. 

Indeed, watching a sunset together can be breathtakingly lovely. But did you know that a sunrise might be even more breathtaking? Discover this overlooked gem by rising early together and heading to a location with a spectacular view.

2. Check for fun events near you.

Check for tickets to fun events near you. Spend your date seeing a concert, a play, or even a local fun event!

3. Head to the beach. 

Who doesn’t enjoy the beach? Apply sunscreen and get a great tan together. You can walk down the boulevard in the evening and enjoy a drink at a lounge bar and the cool breeze.

4. Go shopping. 

It could be either grocery or clothing shopping. Go to the store and kiss each other when nobody’s looking. Or steal a kiss in the changing rooms for a thrill.

5. To the nearby eco-park. 

Take a day off during the week and visit a local park to relax and enjoy nature. Recharge as a couple to have more energy during the week.

6. Listen to live music together. 

There are many amazing bands and cheap concerts where you can come together to drink and listen to good music! This is an excellent chance to share your love for music and learn about one another’s musical preferences.

7. Going to a flea market together. 

Go shopping together at a flea market. Look for quirky items that could fit the other person!

8. Visit your Hometown. 

It’s good to go together and see where you came from. Show your date your favorite places and tell funny stories about your experiences there. Go on a day trip and make the most out of your first date!

9. Go to the arcade. 

Showcase your skills in a gaming hall. Can you beat your date? This activity is an excellent way to determine whether the other person can take losing.

10. Drive-in movies. 

Watching a movie together is romantic enough, but snuggling under a blanket in a gorgeous outdoor setting completes the experience. In most big cities, these festivities are held in picturesque sites such as the beach or a forest.

11. Go to a record store. 

Find a good music shop nearby and schedule an appointment there. Let each other hear your favorite music and search for new songs together. You may discover your new favorite music as a couple.

12. Visit a museum. 

Find a museum that neither of you has visited before so that you can both learn something new.

13. Cabaret performance. 

Find a cabaret show and enjoy an evening of laughs together. It would help if you made this decision together, as tastes vary. Have a drink together after the concert, and you’ll have a fantastic date!

14. Attend an opera performance. 

Get fancy with some opera date. Nowadays, you can attend an opera performance at discounted ticket rates in many places, making it an excellent choice for a romantic date!

15. Independence Day date. 

Plan ahead of time and make bookings early. Celebrate Independence Day together by planning a picnic, attending the parade, and watching the fireworks.

16. Check out a comedy lineup. 

Watch a live stand-up comedy show with your date and have a good laugh. Having a fun night will make your date memorable.

17. Enjoy drinks during happy hour. 

There are many superb bars where you can drink together, but they are usually costly. Check in advance to see when happy hour is in your area and take advantage of it with your date.

18. Shop for silly clothing for your partner. 

Find something for each other to wear, and go on a spontaneous lunch or dinner date in the outfits you choose.

19. Go to a theme park. 

The best dates are usually spent in an amusement park where you can both enjoy the rides and games. Have fun at the theme park, eat food, and ride the rides.

20. Go to Karaoke. 

Sing your heart out or serenade your partner in a karaoke joint. This is a cute way to show your date your soft spot for music and show off your singing skills.

21. Stargazing. 

You can complete your date night with a stargazing activity. Look at the stars while talking with your lover to deepen your connection.

22. Go for a bike ride. 

Gear up for a weekend relaxing ride with your partner while sightseeing! Enjoy nature while you ride a bike and enjoy some sun.

Active Date Ideas

23. Mini golf. 

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and athletic date, mini golf is perfect. Get competitive with your date and have fun.

24. Attend a sports event. 

Nothing is more exciting than seeing people perform their best together. So, go to a fun tournament in a sport you both enjoy.

25. Go to the skating rink. 

Going to the skating rink with your date is ageless and still enjoyable. If your date doesn’t skate well, or vice versa, this is an excellent time to teach each other.

26. Karting. 

Karting is an enjoyable activity, and some competitiveness on a date is always welcome. You can beat them and cross the finish line first!

27. Play pool. 

Do you want to spend the evening playing games and don’t want to stay away from home? Visit an excellent pool café and challenge each other to a game of billiards or pool.

28. Bowling. 

Challenge one another to a game of bowling. Bowling is always more enjoyable than you expect. Can you outperform your date and throw some strikes?

29. Ride a horse. 

Horseback riding is not only a fun sport, but it also makes an excellent date idea. Go horseback riding on the beach or take riding instruction.

30. Escape Room. 

Nowadays, there are various types of escape rooms. A little teamwork on your date is usually a good idea, and escape from a murder mystery or a psycho killer is undoubtedly stimulating!

31. Laser Tag Game. 

Find out where you can play laser tag in your area and head there. This activity is excellent for a double or triple date, so ask your boyfriend/girlfriend along.

32. Plant a tree together. 

Be environmentally conscious with your date. Participate in a tree planting activity. You may have fun doing this together while contributing to the environment, one tree at a time.

33. Go rock climbing. 

Challenge your date to a healthy race of rock climbing!

34. Axe throwing. 

Unleash your power as you both go on an axe-throwing date. It’s an enjoyable way to relieve tension while enjoying spending time with your partner.

35. Ziplining. 

Increase your adrenaline and take your date to the next level. You can take a zipline trip alone or in pairs to share the thrilling experience.

36. Participate in a charity fun run. 

It’s always fun to help others, so why not do so by participating in a fun activity run with your partner?

Cute and Creative Date Ideas

37. A pottery workshop. 

Take a ceramic workshop together and recreate the love moment from the film Ghost. Haven’t seen the film yet? Then you can start your date with a romantic movie.

38. Learn a new skill. 

Consider a topic on which you both want to learn more. Various websites, like Skillshare and Blinkist, provide free or cheap online courses. Learning more about a subject that both of you appreciate draws you closer together and enhances your friendship.

39. Take Dance Classes. 

Do you have loose hips? Do you have to work on it in secret? Take a dance lesson, dance to romantic music, and get to know each other even more.

40. Take a diving lesson. 

Find out where you can get diving lessons. Learning to dive is a unique experience for many people, and if both of you enjoy it, you’ll have a new shared hobby.

41. Learn to bake. 

You can take online classes or play a YouTube video. You can teach and guide each other while also making the day extra memorable by enjoying something both of you made.

42. Take a windsurfing course. 

Windsurfing is a great activity, and if you already know how to teach your date! After your surf date, get a bite to eat and drink at a lounge bar or home on the sofa!

43. Learn a new language.

Want to make your relationship extra special? Learn a new language together! Learn to say “I Love You” in different languages.

44. Go to a bookstore. 

Go to the bookstore and choose a short novel for your partner to read! After you’ve finished reading, set up a little book club meeting to discuss your book and what you enjoyed about it.

45. Take a mixology course. 

Learn how to make your partner’s favorite drink. Amaze them when you go on an intimate date next time!

46. Attend a paint and sip class. 

It’s a comfortable way to spend time with your partner while simultaneously learning how to paint. 

At-Home Date Night Ideas for Indoor

47. Relax and enjoy Netflix. 

Watching a good movie together at home on the couch under a blanket is relaxing and romantic. Plus, you can immediately find out if your date has a decent movie choice, which is extremely important!

48. Baking cookies. 

Cookies are, of course, delicious to eat. On the other hand, making cookies is an excellent date idea for doing something creative together.

49. Play a drinking game. 

Enjoy with a group of friends or simply together to break the ice. This activity is an excellent date for shy people to warm up and show more of themselves.

50. Play a board game. 

Get some good food and play old-fashioned board games. An entertaining game of Monopoly, Risk, or Scrabble can help you get to know each other better.

51. Compete in a video game. 

Do you still have an old GameCube, Playstation, or another game console at home? Plug it in and spend the evening playing a game. No fun games at home? No problem. Find games you like online and choose from many available games.

52. Have a movie marathon. 

Choose some films you have already watched or wish to see, then spend the night watching them. Of course, do this with the one who owns the best couch out of the two of you!

53. Create a bucket list together. 

Create your bucket list and share it with your partner. Create a mutual bucket list of activities that you both wish to do. This activity will also give you new ideas for future dates!

54. Redecorate one of your homes. 

Decide which house could benefit the most from a remodel. Search for furniture and decor online together. This activity will help you learn about your partner’s tastes and design preferences.

55. Draw a portrait of one another. 

Purchase a canvas, a paint set, and some brushes. Sit opposite each other and attempt to paint your date. Of course, after your painting session, you will splash each other with some paint!

56. Have a pillow fight. 

Grab your pillows and chase your date around while having a pillow battle. To have an enjoyable experience, ensure you have fluffy pillows and good pillowcases.

57. Create a photo album. 

Make a photo album of all of your enjoyable activities together or old photos. It’s always wonderful to look back at images, especially ones of you and your true love. Make sure to make two photo books that you each can keep.

58. Cooking at home for your date. 

Make date night a special occasion by cooking the meal yourself! Homemade dishes are usually the best. Learn new recipes online and get fresh ingredients for a delicious meal to make them fall in love!

59. People-watching and a drink by the terrace 

People-watching is considerably more enjoyable when you’re with someone you like. Choose a good terrace together, preferably one with a square view. With a good sense of humor, you’ll have your date decked quickly!

60. Plan a spa night. 

What better way to spend your date than to unwind and get cozy? You may make it even more romantic by giving each other massages.

61. Brew coffee for your date. 

Level up your coffee date by brewing the coffee yourself. Be your own barista and whip up your date’s favorite coffee shop order. Make it extra special by serving it in a customized and eco-friendly cup!

62. Surprise each other with an experience gift. 

Still trying to figure out what to do? Take advantage of this opportunity to surprise your partner with an immersive gift that both of you can participate in.

63. House sitting or pet sitting for the day. 

Try a different date and pet sit for someone! It’s a terrific way to have a fun and affordable date while caring for adorable dogs.

64. Get creative. 

Looking for free date ideas? Then use your talent with words. Create poems for each other and read them to your partner. Make your partner feel special by telling them how much you adore them through your poem.

65. Have a Murder Mystery dating night. 

Make your indoor date fun and exciting by letting your imagination run wild. You can make purchases online or download free apps. Let’s play detective and unravel the mystery together.

66. Watch a scary movie. 

This movie-watching is different from your typical movie marathon date. This date night idea ensures that both of you will get close as you cuddle up and experience the thrill of scary films!

Adventurous Date Ideas

67. Find a high point. 

Looking for more date adventures? Why not set your date at the highest point in your area or in nearby cities? The View Boston is ideal for a date day or night. See the beautiful skyline and spend some romantic time together.

68. Rent a boat. 

Rent a rowing boat or, for convenience, a motor boat and head out on the water. Show your date a lovely lake nearby. Sitting on a boat together is romantic and provides an excellent way to get to know one another through pleasant conversation.

69. Bungee jumping. 

Bungee jumping is thrilling, especially if you’ve never tried it before. An adventurous date is always enjoyable; if you don’t want to take the risk, you can go together.

70. Take a road trip. 

Grab the car and go on a road trip together. You can pick how long you’ll be gone and if you’ll stay in a tent or a hotel. You can also travel intercity or rent a car for convenience.

71. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other. 

Impress them with your planning skills! Take a screenshot of your neighborhood on Google Maps. Have your date walk down different streets and leave subtle clues. Take them to a lovely location and surprise them with a bottle of wine and a snack.

72. Plan a trip to a new city. 

Think you’ve seen everything in the United States? Why not plan a date in one of the most European cities in America? Feel as if you’re traveling in Europe for a fraction of the cost. Make it memorable by taking photos and tasting local cuisine.

73. Rent a canoe. 

Take a canoeing expedition together. You can either go solo or tandem. It’s a great way to build trust and teamwork while getting to know each other. Bring a picnic basket and drink in a private area along the road.

74. Casino. 

Try your luck in a casino game! Spending time in a casino and trying different games might be a fun and unique date idea. Who knows? You might win the jackpot! However, always play for fun, not profit.

75. Take a hot air balloon flight. 

Nothing is more romantic than flying over the countryside at sunset. Many companies provide private hot air balloon rides for a small additional fee.

76. Take a camping trip. 

This dating idea kills two birds with one stone. First, you should distance yourself from your hectic lifestyle and digital gadgets. Second, you will be able to test your partner’s resourcefulness and survival skills!

77. Arrange a “Firsts” date. 

List things you’ve always wanted to do, and then do them on your date. This fun date idea is a great way to turn an ordinary date into a romantic date by doing memorable things together for the first time.

78. Go on an alphabet date. 

List activities from A to Z and plan an exciting and fun date! You can do this in your local area or do a cross-country date.

79. Go on a double date with buddies. 

Make your dates memorable by going on a double date with other couples. This unique date can also be an easy way to feel comfortable and less shy around your partner.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

80. Skinny Dip. 

Looking for risky date night ideas for couples? Then try skinny-dipping! Many countries prohibit nude swimming, making it an exciting experience. That is a magnet for your early connection and ideal for a date, and best of all–it’s free!

81. Paint each other with body paint.

It’s always enjoyable to splatter each other with paint. Attempt to transform your partner into a stunning work of art. You can even purchase edible paint and lick it off after your painting session.

82. Kissing in the back seat of the car. 

Want to experience the thrill of dating like a teen? Lock yourself in your car’s backseat and kiss while listening to the rain. Make the occasion extra special by popping a bottle of wine. A wonderfully romantic evening is guaranteed!

83. Try something different in your bedroom. 

Make it a romantic date night by trying out hot and new things in the bedroom. Check out some fun toys and lovemaking items to try on your next date night.

84. Play strip poker. 

First, look up the rules of poker. Texas Hold ’em is the most popular game for strip poker. Then, decide which rules you like most. Would you like to see each other naked as soon as possible? Then, during each round, both participants wear a piece of clothing. Would you like to make things easier? Then, agree to take off one article of clothing for every ten chips lost.

85. Cover each other with cake. 

Getting messy together is enjoyable, especially when it involves delicious food. Cover each other in cake and whipped cream. Make sure you do this in a practical setting, not on your new couch.

86. Take a candlelight bubble bath. 

Relax and get to know your significant other better by sharing a romantic and sensual bubble bath. Light some scented candles to enhance the ambiance.

87. Organize a boudoir photoshoot. 

Dress up (or down?) in your loveliest lingerie and take photos to give to your partner as a playful gift. Choose the perfect lingerie for your style and check out using an array of lingerie discounts available.

88. Try seven different kisses. 

Everyone is familiar with the typical kiss on the lips. But did you realize there are many more distinct kisses? How you kiss each other reveals a lot about the stage you’re in, your personality, and your relationship. 

Fun Date Ideas for Food Lovers

89. Attend a food festival. 

Nowadays, culinary festivals are extremely fashionable and popular. And with good reason! You can enjoy wonderful food from various cuisines while listening to live music. Enjoying a meal together in the grass while listening to music makes for an excellent date. If you both enjoy fantastic food, this is an ideal date.

90. Making cocktails together. 

Look up numerous yummy cocktail recipes on the internet and choose which one to prepare. Stop by the grocery to gather all the materials for an evening of mixing and drinking cocktails. 

91. Wine and cheese tastings. 

See if there is a wine tasting nearby and go there together. Many cheese shops allow you to sample different cheeses for free. Have you discovered one you both enjoy? Then take it with you and eat the cheese while drinking wine.

92. A romantic candlelight dinner. 

It’s a classic, but this date continues to perform well. Surprise your date with a delicious supper, candles, and a trail of rose petals if you’re a true romantic.

93. Make your pizza. 

Make your pizza using a pizza base, sauce, cheese, and other desired ingredients. Many stores sell ready-made bases with sauce, making things easier.

94. Get or bake a cake and eat it all. 

If you don’t want to bake a cake, you can buy one and eat it together! Plus, you can combine them with some whipped cream.

95. Prepare sushi together at home. 

Try to discover a good sushi recipe on the internet. Arrange a contest to determine who can make the most delicious and gorgeous sushi and then gleefully eat it. This activity allows you to spend time together on your date while enjoying a nice dinner.

96. Have a restaurant crawl. 

Many relationships begin by doing crazy things together. So go on a food crawl, eat together, and crawl home.

97. Go fruit picking. 

Take a vacation to the countryside and go fruit picking. In addition to being an enjoyable activity, it may be used as a snack while watching a movie.

98. Have a picnic date. 

You can make and pack your meals or purchase them online conveniently. Choose an ideal location for your picnic date and have a great time together.

99. Have a pub crawl. 

Going on a pub crawl and visiting different spots is a great way to get to know someone and establish a relationship. Set up an enjoyable evening to go bar crawling and have fun with drinks and lovely conversation.

100. Spend the afternoon in an ice cream shop. 

Get your sweet tooth satisfied by trying different ice cream flavors. Eating sweets is a fantastic way to show your date that you are easy-going and sweet.

Did you enjoy our list of 100 date ideas as much as we did? Remember to try to suggest these date ideas on your next date!

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