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Get discounts at jAlbum with these tips

Take advantage of the free version

jAlbum offers a free version of their software, allowing you to create photo album websites without any cost. This is a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Choose the Standard License

When purchasing a license to unlock additional features, opt for the Standard License. This license includes album storage on your own site and offers good value for money.

Consider the Pro License

If you require more advanced features and customization options, consider upgrading to the Pro License. This license offers priority support and allows for commercial use of your photo albums.

Explore the Premium Account

If you need additional storage for your albums, consider signing up for a Premium Account. This account provides storage plans starting from a low monthly fee.

Upgrade to the Power Account

For users with larger storage needs, the Power Account offers 10 GB of storage space. If you have your own site and don’t require storage, you can purchase a license separately.

Opt for the Super Account

The Super Account provides even more storage, with 100 GB available for your albums. If you have a large collection of photos and videos, this account can accommodate your needs.

Take advantage of jAlbum’s offers

Check out jAlbum’s offers page to find any current promotions or discounts. This is a great way to save money on your purchase or upgrade.

Renew your old license

If you already have an old jAlbum license, sign in to see how to renew it. Renewing your license can be a cost-effective option compared to purchasing a new one.

Participate in the referral program

jAlbum offers a referral program where you can earn rewards for referring new customers. Consider participating in this program to save money on your future purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is jAlbum?

jAlbum is a desktop application that allows you to create stunning photo album websites from your own images. All it takes is a simple drag and drop, and with a click of a button, your website is ready to be uploaded to your own site or to jalbum.net if you don’t have one.

What can I do with jAlbum?

With jAlbum, you can create various types of photo album websites. Whether you want a slideshow album, a shopping cart integration, or a professional portfolio site, jAlbum has got you covered. There are also customization options available, allowing you to personalize your album with different skins and styles.

What are the pricing options for jAlbum?

jAlbum offers different pricing plans to cater to your needs. Starting from as low as -.– per month, you can choose between the Standard License, Pro License, Premium Account, Power Account, or Super Account. Each plan comes with its own features and benefits, so you can find the perfect fit for your photo album needs.

What makes jAlbum different from other image sharing services?

Unlike other services, jAlbum gives you full control over your images. You can manage, store, and present your photos exactly as you want. Plus, you can host your galleries with any web hosting service you prefer.

Why should I choose jAlbum for managing my images?

jAlbum is a desktop software that makes it easy to handle large amounts of images. You don’t have to upload your photos to an online service just to select the best ones and add captions. It’s a convenient and efficient way to manage your image collection.

How versatile is jAlbum when it comes to uploading galleries?

jAlbum gives you the freedom to upload your albums to any website you choose. You are not limited to using a specific service, allowing you to have complete control over where your images are displayed.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About jAlbum

Create stunning online photo albums with jAlbum, the most powerful web album-making tool. The jAlbum desktop application allows you to easily create photo album websites from your images. Drag and drop images (and videos) onto jAlbum, press “Make,” and your website is ready to upload to your site or jalbum.net if needed. With jAlbum, you have full control over the management, storage, and presentation of your images, unlike other image-sharing services.

Choose from various customizable skins and styles to personalize your web galleries. jAlbum offers a range of licenses to suit your needs, including a free option and premium accounts with different storage plans. The licenses include free updates for 12 months after purchase, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and improvements. Additionally, jAlbum allows you to publish your galleries anywhere and customize them to reflect your brand or style.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or someone who wants to showcase their photos in a beautiful and organized manner, jAlbum is the ideal solution. Download jAlbum for free today and start creating stunning web galleries for any website. Check out our samples for inspiration and explore our pricing options for the perfect plan. Join the jAlbum community and enjoy the flexibility and control of using jAlbum as your photo gallery website software.