Cheap petrol in Amsterdam? Find the lowest petrol price and fuel prices

Did you know that Amsterdam is the most expensive city in North Holland and even the Netherlands to refuel? It is therefore good to know where and when this is best in the capital. Fortunately, there are still locations nearby where this can be done relatively inexpensively. In this article, we give you all the ways to find the best petrol price and other ways to save.

Top 6 tips for cheap refuelling in Amsterdam

Cheap refuelling in Amsterdam is possible, but the petrol price in Amsterdam varies significantly! The tips below can help you save money on your refuelling. These range from location, time of day and using handy apps on your phone, such as the Independent petrol app and from the ANWB.

1. Refuel further from the city centre

Most petrol stations inside the A10 ring road are more expensive than outside. Therefore, drive on to Duivendrecht. Here you will find a Makro, Loogman and Esso, which have lower prices than most others in the city.

At the Loogman Carwash Amsterdam, you can not only refuel but also clean your car. This all-in-one location in Amsterdam is a perfect place for refuelling and washing; you can even have the inside cleaned.

At the Makro filling stations, by the way, you don’t need a Makro pass. Makro Amsterdam is located at De Flinesstraat 9 in Duivendrecht. If you have such a pass (KVK number required), combining it with your business shopping is best. That will save you another trip! If you want to look up the current Makro petrol price in Amsterdam, check their page on ‘Fill up at Makro‘ before leaving.

Tango is also a good option for diesel and petrol in Amsterdam. For example, go to the Tango Amsterdam Hamerstraat in Amsterdam-Noord or the Johan Huizingalaan in Nieuw-West.

Make sure not to refuel your car along the motorway, as you will never be cheaper there.

2. Refuel on weekends and avoid Mondays to get better fuel prices

On which days can you fill up cheaply? This is a frequently asked question. Which day you refuel is indeed very important. Filling up at the weekend is usually better, and Monday is generally the most expensive day to fill up. So try to take that into account.

3. Opt for the cheapest petrol stations

The ANWB‘s latest National Tank Test, conducted in 2022, shows these filling stations generally come out on top:

  • Fieten Oil (Not in Amsterdam, but in Hoofddorp)
  • Sakko (Newa 2, Amstelveen)
  • Supertank
  • Tango (Hamerstraat, Johan Huizingalaan, Sierenborch)
  • Tinq (Hoofdweg, van Hallstraat)

On average, these chains are cheaper than the better-known fuel companies, such as BP, Esso, Texaco, Shell and Total. However, it is important always to pay attention, as there can be significant price differences within each fuel chain. At Esso, for example, prices can vary widely. So if you want to save money on fuel, it is always wise to compare well beforehand.

4. Use the ANWB On-the-road app to find the best cost/liter

Install the ANWB On-the-road app on your smartphone to get an up-to-date overview of the best places to fill up. This makes it very easy to see where you can fill up nearby and at what per litre price petrol, diesel or LPG. To find the best place in the Amsterdam area.

The colour under the price shows how expensive the petrol pump is in that area. This is indicated with colour codes. The app also gives you the option to directly open Google Maps or another navigation app with the route to the address of the chosen petrol station.

This ANWB app makes it very easy to find the cheapest petrol in Amsterdam! Fuel prices are updated daily.

5. Check the ANWB route planner to get the best gas price in Amsterdam

Another way to find the cheapest petrol stations in Amsterdam is the ANWB Routeplanner. Plot your route and if you click on petrol station to get an overview of all types of fuel. The route planner also lets you filter directly by type.

This method is mainly useful if you are going somewhere anyway. Look for the least expensive pump on your route before you leave. After all, if you go specifically to a location far away for a few cents per litre less, the savings may cancel out with the cost of the trip itself.

6. Use Independer’s fuel price check

Independer’s fuel price check is a handy tool to find all petrol stations with the lowest fuel prices in Amsterdam. To get started, enter your postcode or city and select your wanted fuel type. You can choose from natural gas, biodiesel, diesel (B7), Euro95 (E10), LPG, premium petrol, premium diesel or Superplus98 (E5). You will then be shown a current list and map with the best options. The list shows the litre price and the distance to the petrol station. It’s a quick and easy way to save money fast!

Additional opportunities to save money on fuel and gasoline

Of course, you can save money by visiting the cheaper petrol stations, but did you know that you can also save money by adjusting your driving habits? Here are a few ways:

  1. Drive slowly and steadily: You consume less by gradually accelerating and braking. Avoiding abrupt acceleration and braking can also contribute to lower fuel consumption.
  2. Avoid traffic jams and heavy traffic: If you are in a traffic jam or in heavy traffic, you will consume more because you have to accelerate and brake often. So try to drive outside rush hours or choose an alternative route to avoid traffic jams.
  3. Keep your tyres at the right pressure: If your tyres are too soft, your car will consume more. So check your tyre pressure regularly and keep it at the right level.
  4. Don’t let your engine run unnecessarily: If you stand still with the engine running, your car consumes fuel without moving forward. So turn off your engine when waiting in front of a bridge or railway crossing, for instance.

Conclusion: Driving your car in the Netherlands is expensive, but you can reduce costs

By using clever tricks, you can save on your fuel costs. Although our capital is known as the most expensive city in the Netherlands to fill up, there are still ways to save money. For instance, you can go further away from the city centre, at the right times and opt for the cheaper fuel companies. You can find cheap refueling in Amsterdam by using handy apps like the ANWB On-the-road app and Routeplanner. Finally, you can also save on fuel by adjusting your driving behaviour.

By applying all this advice, you can save a lot on the cost of your fuel and enjoy cheap refuelling in Amsterdam!

Bret van Putten
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