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Easter Deals and Good Friday Sales 2024

When is Holy Week 2024?

Holy Week is the week preceding Easter Sunday on the Christian calendar. It begins with Palm Sunday, honouring Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and culminates with Easter, commemorating Jesus Christ's resurrection. The lunar calendar determines the exact day of Holy Week each year. Typically, Holy Week occurs in late March or early April.

What is Easter, and Why is it Celebrated?

Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is the Christian Church's most essential and oldest holiday, marking the conclusion of Holy Week and the end of Lent. Easter Sunday is celebrated with joyful church services, eating, and exchanging Easter eggs and gifts, representing new life and hope.

How do People Celebrate Easter?

The celebration of Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is characterised by church services and Easter activities such as egg decorating, egg hunting, easter meals, and Easter parades. Easter Egg Hunting is the most popular activity since it allows everyone to be creative when decorating their eggs while having fun hiding and finding them. Easter Eggs are usually hollow egg-shaped containers filled with treats like chocolates or toys. Alternatively, Easter Eggs can also be chocolates that may or may not contain toys inside.

Best Easter Gifts and Coupon Codes

For the best Easter Sunday party possible, look for décor, food, and party favours early. To save the trouble of running about shopping for items for a lovely Easter Sunday party, look into online sales that provide Easter deals and Easter discount codes that will save you money.

  1. Chocolates and Sweets: Easter Sunday wouldn't be complete without chocolates. Suppose you're looking for the perfect Easter chocolate. In that case, Nomo offers an Easter collection of sweets in the shape of an egg and an Easter bunny. In addition to its cute shapes, these chocolates are vegan and dairy-free, perfect for everyone. For a fun variety, check out Candy Roo for an assortment of sweets and SpaceSweets for delightful treats like freeze-dried fruits and candies you can put in easter egg canisters.

  2. Home Decor: People decorate their homes with vibrant and festive touches during Easter. Easter wreaths with spring flowers and eggs are popular decorations, as are banners with bunnies or chicks and Easter-themed centrepieces with eggs and candles. Some people decorate Easter egg trees with branches and ornaments, while others exhibit figurines of bunnies, chicks, or crosses. Pastel-coloured lighting and Easter-themed table settings around the decor create a joyful and inviting ambience for Easter celebrations with family and friends. Find home improvement and decor coupon codes online to save on your next checkout and orders.

  3. Party Favours for Adults: Kids are not the only ones who can enjoy Easter. For a memorable Easter Sunday celebration, curate an Easter Party Favour for fellow parents, friends, families, and guests. For adult party favours, consider putting together items that they will enjoy. Take advantage of Easter discount codes when ordering online to save time and money. Some ideas for an Easter party favour box or basket include coffee, wine, chocolates, and even Easter holiday tickets! To get the best deals on coffee and wine products, check out seasonal discounts that allow you to shop premium brands for less.

Is Easter Weekend a Bank Holiday?

Good Friday and Easter Monday are both a public holiday and a bank holiday, however, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday are not bank holidays.

Why is it called Good Friday?

Good Friday is a Christian feast commemorating Jesus' execution and death on Calvary. It is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This day is set aside for serious thought and sadness among Christians as they recall Jesus' sacrifice to redeem humanity's sins. It is considered "good" because people were pardoned when Jesus died.

How is Good Friday observed?

There are several ways for Christians to observe Good Friday. Reflection, prayer, fasting, Stations of the Cross, and charitable action are among the most common practices during Holy Week. During Good Friday, Christians are invited to reflect deeply on the significance of Jesus' sacrifice and the meaning of his death for their faith.

Eggs have traditionally been associated with rebirth and new life, symbolising Jesus' resurrection. Chocolate eggs have grown in popularity over the years, becoming a more accessible Easter symbol. On the other hand, people celebrate with chocolates because the Lent season requires them to avoid animals and animal products such as dairy and eggs. Giving and receiving chocolate sweets has become an important Easter custom for many families. It's a fun and indulgent way to enjoy the holidays while making lasting memories with loved ones.

What are some Interesting Traditions to Commemorate Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday observed in a variety of ways around the world. Just as Easter Egg hunts have become one of the most popular customs to celebrate, there are various methods for people to enjoy this event.

  1. In Antigua, people decorate the streets with colourful carpets in preparation for the Good Friday procession. These carpets are often made using a combination of fruits, vegetables, and sand. These carpets frequently portray Guatemala's history or Mayan culture.

  2. In Finland, children dress in bright colours and have freckles painted on their cheeks to resemble Easter witches. In this fun tradition, the young Easter witches will walk door-to-door, saying a rhyming blessing to ward off evil spirits in exchange for a chocolate egg.

  3. In the United States, people celebrate Easter by sitting at a dinner table full of delectable meals such as ham and deviled eggs. Ham became a favourite Easter feast for Americans because it takes a long time to cure pigs, preparing them for spring. While deviled eggs still deliciously represent rebirth and fresh life.

  4. People in Australia and New Zealand like eating hot cross buns. Hot cross buns are customarily marked with a cross on top, representing Jesus Christ's crucifixion. The cross signifies the crucifixion, while the spices within the bun reflect those used to embalm Jesus' body.

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