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Engage website visitors with personalized discounts

Tidio allows users to offer personalized discounts to engage website visitors. By tracking users across the website and analyzing their activity, Tidio enables businesses to offer customized discounts based on their browsing behavior. This helps to convert visitors into loyal customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Generate more leads with Chatbots

Tidio offers over 35 pre-defined chatbot templates that can be used to generate leads and reduce cart abandonment. These chatbots can be set up to greet new and returning visitors, recommend related products, and offer discounts to encourage conversions. By automating lead generation, businesses can save time and increase their chances of making sales.

Optimize support process with dedicated helpdesk tools

Tidio provides dedicated helpdesk tools to optimize the support process. By using Tidio Multichannel, businesses can manage all their chats in one panel, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat messages. The ticketing system allows conversations to be turned into tickets and assigned to the right team members, with priorities, notes, and tags to facilitate follow-ups. This streamlines the support process and enhances team efficiency.

Assess team performance with Analytics

Tidio offers analytics features that allow businesses to assess their team’s performance. Through data-driven insights, businesses can view conversation-related metrics and track how users rate their helpdesk system. These analytics help in making informed decisions to improve customer service and grow the business.

Access custom limits and premium features with Tidio+

With Tidio+, businesses gain access to custom limits for agent seats and chatbots, as well as unlock premium features. This allows businesses to tailor their customer service experience and automate their operations with the help of a dedicated team. Tidio+ simplifies customer service by combining the power of AI and human support, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Note: Please note that the descriptions provided are based on the information provided in the given text.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tidio and how can it help businesses?

Tidio is an AI-powered Customer Service platform that combines the power of AI and human support to provide excellent customer service. Businesses can use Tidio to solve up to 70% of customer problems with conversational AI. It also offers live chat and helpdesk features to provide hands-on support to customers.

How does Tidio’s AI technology help businesses save time?

Tidio’s AI technology, including the Lyro AI chatbot, can answer customer questions in seconds with natural conversations that sound human. This frees up agents to focus on solving more complex issues. Tidio also sorts conversations based on customer intent, allowing businesses to respond faster.

Can Tidio help businesses increase sales and engage website visitors?

Yes, Tidio offers features like Live Chat and Chatbots to engage website visitors and turn conversations into sales opportunities. With the ability to track users across the website and view real-time browsing activity, businesses can engage their visitors through the live chat widget, improving customer engagement and potential sales conversions.

How can Tidio help businesses generate more leads and increase conversions?

Tidio offers 35+ pre-defined chatbot templates that businesses can use to generate leads and reduce cart abandonment. By setting up custom greetings for new and returning visitors, businesses can offer personalized discounts based on their activity, ultimately increasing conversions.

How can Tidio help businesses optimize their support process?

Tidio provides dedicated helpdesk tools that allow businesses to manage all their chats in one place. By connecting their account to Tidio Multichannel, businesses can see and respond to messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, email, and live chat all in one panel. With the ticketing feature, businesses can turn conversations into tickets, assign them to the right team members, set priorities, add notes, and assign tags, making their support process more efficient.

Why do online stores love Tidio?

Online stores love Tidio because it offers the perfect balance between automations and human interactions. With Tidio, businesses can use chatbots to automate certain processes while still being able to engage with customers personally. The easy installation and great design of Tidio’s live chat feature also make it a favorite among online stores.

How does Tidio’s messaging system help businesses improve customer service efficiency?

Tidio’s messaging system allows businesses to receive instant chat messages from customers, making it easier to address their concerns and promote their products. The ability to program automated messages when businesses are unavailable ensures that potential customers are not lost.

What sets Tidio apart from other chatbot development platforms?

Tidio stands out for its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. The chat widget’s attractive appearance and smooth animation enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, the analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into chatbot performance.

Why is Tidio considered a valuable tool for websites looking to enhance customer support?

Tidio’s notification feature alerts businesses when a new customer enters their online store, allowing them to respond promptly to inquiries. This real-time assistance improves customer satisfaction and helps businesses build stronger customer relationships.

What features does Tidio have to help businesses improve customer service?

Tidio offers an all-in-one platform that includes online chat, emails, ticket system, and even Messenger integration. With its beautiful design and customization options, businesses can easily communicate with customers and provide a seamless customer service experience. Additionally, Tidio allows businesses to create offline messages and is compatible with mobile devices, Windows, iOS, and Mac, ensuring communication without any compatibility issues.

How does Tidio’s automation feature benefit businesses?

Tidio’s automation feature is one of the standout aspects of the platform. With its ease of use and excellent support, businesses can automate their customer interactions and save valuable time. Whether it’s through the chatbot or other automation tools, Tidio allows businesses to provide basic and fast responses, capture customers’ attention, and even generate more sales with its seamless automation capabilities.

Can businesses customize Tidio’s interface and design?

Absolutely! Tidio offers excellent design customization options, even in its free plan. This means that businesses can adapt the platform’s appearance to match their company’s branding and create a visually pleasing customer service experience. The modern and updated interface not only makes navigation easy but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal for both businesses and their customers.

What makes Tidio the best choice for live chat on websites?

Tidio stands out as a top-notch live chat option because of its modern and attractive design. It offers a comfortable and pleasant user experience, making it easy for businesses to communicate with their website visitors in real-time.

How does Tidio help businesses improve sales and customer support?

Tidio’s real-time chat functionality enables businesses to provide instant support, clarify sales inquiries, and address any concerns visitors might have. By improving communication, Tidio helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Why do businesses love using Tidio as their live chat solution?

Businesses appreciate the intuitive and accessible nature of Tidio’s technology. With the ability to utilize Tidio from their desktop, browser, or phone, companies can easily customize their live chat experience to suit their needs. Moreover, Tidio’s excellent support team is always available to provide assistance, making it a favorite among businesses.

Disclaimer: this F.A.Q. is based on information found on the shop’s website and may contain outdated information.

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About Tidio

Tidio is the ultimate customer service platform that helps businesses generate more sales and provide great customer service. With live chat boosted with chatbots, Tidio offers a powerful solution trusted by over 300k businesses worldwide. The platform allows businesses to offer hands-on support through live chat and helpdesk and provides analytics to understand customer behavior and improve service.

One of the standout features of Tidio is its AI chatbot, Lyro, which can solve up to 70% of customer problems. This conversational AI enables businesses to respond to customer messages quickly and accurately, freeing agents to focus on more complex issues. Tidio also helps businesses engage website visitors through live chat, track their activity in real-time, and offer personalized discounts to turn them into loyal customers. With over 35 pre-defined chatbot templates, businesses can generate leads and reduce cart abandonment.

In addition to its customer service features, Tidio provides dedicated helpdesk tools to optimize the support process. The platform allows businesses to manage all their chats through Tidio Multichannel and offers integrations with platforms like Shopify and WordPress. With Tidio’s AI-powered features and comprehensive tools, businesses can achieve more with their current teams and provide excellent customer service.